Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to cut back...

...or just save some moola.

After my last doctor appointment about a month ago, one of the receptionists asked if I've ever ordered my prescription by mail. She had asked because I commented on how my pills keep getting more and more expensive, even just my co-pay. Well, I honestly thought only old people got their meds by mail.

Well, as it turns out, ordering them that way could save you money. But just how much? So I finally spent the time to do the research the last couple days. And you know what, it does save you/me money!

A one month supply via my normal pharmacy costs me $40. Do the math, that's over a buck a day. Ridiculous! Ordering a 3 month supply via the mail order place will be $80. That's like buy 2 get 1 free! I love free! Annually, that will be a $160 savings!

And that's one way that I'll be cutting my costs during this economic ickiness.

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Treva said...

I get a 3 month supply as well and it saves me tons of money. Either way you pick it up once a month or every 3 months costs the same!!