Saturday, March 28, 2009

I found a interactive website that will post a question a day in which it's members can answer and have posted to their blog, twitter, facebook, etc. So every now and then you might see some random post that doesn't seem to be very descriptive. Like this one... But I think if you click the little icon at the bottom it might take you to the question. idk.

What would your backstage rider demand?

a platter with baby carrots or carrot sticks.
I like to eat, not always because I'm hungry but sometimes just to give me something to do. Carrot sticks help with that craving. I don't even need dip!

reese peanut butter cups
Best combination ever... chocolate and peanut butter

cold bottled water
not ice cold, but not room temp. i love me some water.

how else do you think i'm gonna pass the down time?

beef or pork, doesn't matter. so good.

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