Monday, March 2, 2009

Part 2...?

I'm not a reality TV person. That's a lie. I like one reality TV show, The Amazing Race. I used to watch The Bachelor, back in my college days. You know, before there was even The Bachelorette. This year though, all 2 months of it, I watched the first and now the last episodes of The Bachelor.

So I missed all the innards. All the the drama and cat fights. I've heard that this season was different. Well, at last the final rose ceremony and the "after the rose" interview session.



If you don't what happened... shame on you! Just kidding. It'll be all over every website and tabloid come tomorrow morning. So you won't be able to miss it.

All I can say is this...
I would like to steal Melissa's speech from her final limo ride.

Oh, and Jason, if things don't work out, send me a comment...


Krista said...

It was plain old ridiculous. He won't stay with Molly either. He really should have kept Jillian, but that's only my humble opinion.

I missed some of the innards too, but I can tell you that this season was weird - the whole thing.

But hey, it makes for good tv, huh?

Treva said...

Lets just say that he made a HUGE mistake. I am getting ready to watch him on Jimmy Kimmel. I hope on tomorrows show it shows that Molly dumped him!!