Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Thunder!

Awhile back, some weeks ago. Gosh, you know, I can't remember when. More than a week ago, less than 2 months ago.

Point is, I went to a hockey game. There! Phew, finally got it out. My friend Krista ended up with some extra tickets from work. So I got to join her, as well as Kaitlin and Stacey.
We watched the Stockton Thunder vs., well, I can't remember who they played.
You know what my favorite part of any hockey game is? When they fight. Or try to fight.
You see, the rule is that once the helmets and gloves come off the refs can't break up the fight. So punches are thrown.
Teeth are knocked out. Ok, I made that one up. But is it a coincidence that many a hockey players are missing teeth...?Eyes are bruised. I made that one up too. But I'm sure black eyes are a result of the fights too.
Oh no! They hit the ground. The refs can now officially break up the fight.

Pretty cool rule, huh? Or should I say eh? It's Canadian, like hockey, eh.
On with the game! The other team was winning. Then we scored. Then we scored another time. But so did the other team.
Hey, it's time to capture the fans! Hi Kait and Krista!
Woo Hoo! Here's one of our goals!
Who are those hotties?!? Hey good lookin' single guys out there, we're both single too! For a good time call... Just kidding.

I'm not going to post our phone numbers here. Just leave me a comment. Check out the creepy guy in the background! Ok, creepy guy actually works with Krista. Poor thing, he's a little awkward. Friendly, but awkward.

And back to the game. Stockton's colors are black and yellow. The other team, whom ever the are, were, ah, red and gold. I'm guessing really. And squinting at the picture trying to remember.
I tell you what. My family, my parents primarily but my siblings and I have inherited it, can know just about anyone where ever we go. Case in point, see the guy in blue on the end and the gal in the middle of that cluster of 4? I know them. They're from Hilmar. And I grew up going to the same church as them.

They were afraid we were going to tell on them. Although, we agreed that what happens at the hockey game stays at the hockey game.
Go Thunder! Another goal!I'm an saddened to inform you that Stockton Thunder lost to the other team in overtime. But boy did they play hard.

Especially that Huxley. Right, Kaitlin?


Teaseburger said...

WOOOHOOO!!!!! LOVE ME SOME HOCKEY GAMES!! Especially when they are fighting!! Good times!!! Thanx Krista for the tickets!! And thanx Courtney for the pics!! Great memories!! ... and that is a very creepy picture of that guy. yikes!

Krista said...

Aww poor guy. That is a bad picture of him. Oh well.

Thanks all for going. It was super fun!