Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Fake a Clean House

Who here has ever read Real Simple? Subscribed to the magazine? Checked out their website? Maybe gets weekly e-mails?


I love Real Simple. Mainly because their stuff and ideas are... ready for it?... real simple. HA!

Some weeks ago I got my weekly tip... How to Fake a Clean House. Yes please! I would love to know how to do that.

So here are a couple ideas. You can also click the link below for more ideas.
  1. Reserve one side of sofa cushions to be shown to guests. Before company arrives, flip over the cushions to reveal good-as-new fabric. When guests are gone, flip them back.
    Hi, I have a dark blue couch and a dog with white fur. This will serve as a great tip.
  2. Cover up the lingering aroma of last night’s supper by boiling nutmeg, cloves, or cinnamon and orange peels in a sauce-pan on the stove.
    I bet that smells good. Sounds like it will smell like Christmas doesn't it?
  3. Glide a sticky lint roller over the bath mat to pick up hair.
    "Hello, I'm a girl and I shed." "Hi shedding girl." I shed most while blow drying my hair. Gonna have to try this one too!
  4. Rearrange crooked books so that all spines are facing the same direction and the titles all read from top to bottom.
    I think it's just time for me to clean out my book shelf of books I don't need to keep or don't plan on reading again. Amazon anyone...?
  5. Stow pajamas under the pillow. This way, they’re off the floor and ready for later.
    Aha! This is one I already do! Go me!
  6. Drape a scorched ironing board with a clean white sheet, tuck in the edges to fashion a make-shift cover, and place the board in the far corner of the room or behind the door.
    Although, in order for the ironing board to be scorched it would need to be used. I think only one person has ever used my ironing board, and it wasn't me. But we're not talking about him right now.
So there you have it. Some ideas on how to fake clean. I love the idea of faking clean and never having to clean.

Hummm... maybe that will be another article another week.

Real Simple

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