Friday, April 24, 2009

If pot is legalized, I expect increases in tax revenue

So here's the thing, despite marijuana being illegal there are a lot of people out there that use it. They're using it illegally. That's a fact. We all know it.

Sure, maybe there are some medical benefits to the drug. I really don't know though, I haven't done the research to find out how "good" it really is; and I haven't been faced with cancer or a condition that would give me the reason to try it.

But I don't smoke anyways. So I have no intention of ever using the junk.

Ok, well, only second hand once or twice while I was in college. But not by choice.

Our country is in a recession. We all know that. And if you don't, then get out of your box. Watch the news, read the paper, talk to people. Our country is hurting economically. People are being laid off, business/corporations are closing, the value of things are decreasing, the stock market is crashing, 401ks are gone. Those that have and/or are making money aren't necessarily spending it like they used to. I admit I'm one of them, I'm preparing for what may come later down the road.

So why not make marijuana legal?

It's a fact that people use it, buy it, sell it, grow it, etc. So here's the thing, if it's legalized the government can then earn tax from it. Maybe not have it available to purchase at every grocery store like cigarettes, but at tobacco shops. Give it a higher tax like cigarettes. Decrease the number of "busts" by the police, therefore decreasing the costs associated with them.

So maybe you ask, "how will we regulate those that are growing it at home?" Well, my dad makes beer at home. No one is regulating that. He goes to a brewery store to purchase his supplies (starter, yeast, caps, etc.). So it's gonna happen, people are going to grow it at home. BUT, if it's not illegal maybe there will be a reduction in the REASON to grow it illegally at home.

But what about drugs and work? Same as alcohol and work. Show up intoxicated and you're done.

Sure, maybe the snack industry may boom too. That would be another boost to the economy.

I really haven't thought about this much. I'm just following the plinky prompt. This is kinda a good topic. Very thought provoking.

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