Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm ready!

Well, mostly ready that is.

For what you ask? Well, tomorrow I'm going to Santa Margarita for a wine tasting festival, a fundraiser for Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture program as well as the Vines to Wines club.

I'm all about helping out Cal Poly.

And drinking wine.

I'm uber excited to go down to my ol' stompin' ground. As well as make a stop at the ranch, and visit my Aunt and family, and hopefully eat at a yummy restaurant in San Luis Obispo before heading home.

Oh, and did I mention I was going with 3 guys? Yea, I'm going with 3 guys. It's 3 guys and me. Although, one guy is married, his wifey is busy and can't join us.

Throughout the day, I'll send my bloggy site pictures to keep you informed of what's going on. Then later (you know, 3 1/2 weeks from now) I'll give you the full run down and share "real" pictures. How does that sound?

Gosh I'm so excited! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight!

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