Saturday, April 18, 2009


As a once again single gal, I'm always looking for and reading "advice". Sometimes it doesn't take much looking, it's right there on when I open the internet at work.

So I read it.

Cause I'm lame.

And I need help. Obviously I can't figure finding a guy or dating out on my own.

So yesterday had a pretty good article...

"8 Ways to Get Him to Notice You in 10 Days"

  1. Stop playing hard to get.
    I honestly don't think I'm playing hard to get. Really, am I playing a game at all?
  2. Be attentive.
    I am attentive. I've very attentive. How much more attentive do I need to be?
  3. Try something new.
    Ummm... Help a Sista out. I don't know what to try. HELP!
  4. Let your guard down.
    This one is a little hard. After being burned so many times you start to build a wall. I need someone to march around my little Jericho walls to knock them down. Someone that won't burn me after I let my guard down. I have a huge fear of rejection. Wonder why...
  5. Stop texting and no one gets hurt.
    I know when to leave my phone alone.
  6. Know the power of your outfit.
    Here's another help area. I need a personal shopper. Someone who knows what kind of clothes go good with my body type and skin tone and eye color. I just don't have a bajillion dollars to pay for a personal shopper person. Help!
  7. TMI is never a good thing.
    I'm reserved. Until my guard is down (see #4), I reveal very little about myself. At least very little of my heart and feelings. Sure, I can talk about the weather and the latest news til the cows come home. And I'll listen like no other at what he's saying, feeling, dreaming. But give me some time.
  8. Keep him wanting more.
    I first have to figure out how to get him to want anything (or me) at all. Then I'll work on the keeping him wanting more.
Obviously there's more to it then the 8 points, so visit the article.

This is hard stuff to figure out.

Seriously it is.

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