Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Creative Ways to Earn Extra Money

Yes please! Who wouldn't like a little extra cash these days? I know I would, and I'm secure in my job.

I see some things that I just may have to look into.

So here are some ideas for you...
  1. Do freelance work - If you enjoy writing or editing, this is for you!
  2. Sell your books - I've been selling DVDs and CDs that I never listen to or watch. I'm about ready to go through my bookshelf too. I use, but there are tons of places you can sell through.
  3. Search circulating coinage - All you have to do is buy rolls from the bank, sort through them for older coins, then resell them. So if you don't mind your hands smelling like coins, do it!
  4. Start a "business" - Do you have a hobby, skill, or are experienced in something? Why not use it to your advantage. I've actually been thinking of this lately. Not totally sure what I'd do though... I'll keep thinking.
  5. Enter local and online sweepstakes - Are you a lucky person? I sure am not. But hey, it doesn't cost anything to enter these sweepstakes. So what's the harm?
  6. Give your opinion-and get paid - May have to look into this one... Sounds easy enough.
  7. Sell your junk - This to me would take too much time. I'd rather donate my junk and let a non-profit sell it.
  8. Join a direct selling company - I'm not a sales person, so I'll skip thanks.
  9. Be a secret shopper - I like shopping. I can keep a secret. Hummm....
  10. Sell your photos to stock agencies - I'm going to have to do this one for sure! Y'all know I take a lot of pictures.
Hey, every little bit helps!

Check out this article for more information and links!

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M, A and C too! said...

I'm up for a business! Can you do crafty things? I can make hairbows, tutu's, and cloth covered wipie cases... What else could we do? ;-)