Monday, May 25, 2009

9 Signs You've Met "The One"

I'm a hopeless romantic. And unfortunately, I also think that every guy that I get close to is "the one". And, well, so far my record isn't that hot. What 0 and ??? I really need to change the way I think, look, feel, and rely more on God.

But in the meantime, let's see what says about how you know you've met "the one". 9 steps, eh? Hummm...
  1. You're not chasing the relationship's potential - Relationships are full of obstacles. The way of thinking that once on problem is fixed everything will be hunky-dory is not true, because soon after something else will come up. If it's meant to be, there shouldn't be any chasing to make it right or work, it'll just be.
  2. Who you are is good enough - You know you've met "the one" when that person loves you for you, for who you are. You don't have to try to impress "the one" because that person is already impressed by you for being you.
  3. You manage conflict well - Arguments happen. It's natural. What's not natural is when they don't happen. That's when you should worry a bit. When you manage conflict well you communicate. Communication is huge in relationships of all kinds. Communication is healthy and it shows a level of respect, which in turn will make your relationship stronger in the long run.
  4. The mundane is suddenly interesting - If this person is truly "the one", then every little thing about their life will interest you, work stories, childhood memories, even their hopes and dreams for the future.
  5. There's minimal drama-or none at all - Drama does not equal fighting. But when you do argue you're both mature about it and admit when you're wrong or apologize when lines are crossed. But if one is trying to use high emotions and manipulate the out and be careful to commit.
  6. You're friends and family see what you see - This just goes to show that your friends and family have you as their best interest. And they are good judges of character. They'll tell you if they think the person is not right for you, or on the flip side they'll sing his/her praises telling you how great the person is. This doesn't mean that they are always right, they may try to push you into a relationship that you just don't see happening. But if you're falling for someone that the people in your life want you to be with, then chances are it's the real deal.
  7. You know how to make them happy - Ask yourself, "Do you know what it takes to make this person happy?" If there is a deep connection, then you probably know the other's needs and wants. It could be something as smalls as making what they want for dinner. But you also should know other things like how to relieve stress, or can you talk to him/her about their hopes and dreams for the future. Does your partner do the same for you?
  8. You have the same life priorities - Compatibility is key when creating a deep and long, lasting connection. Having your priorities match up gives you a better chance of long-term happiness.
  9. You respect the person deeply - Respect is key in any relationship. Without respect there is no way to create a secure foundation. But when you respect each other, there is a stronger chance at thriving. Trust multiples and communication deepens.
So there you have it. A list to help you figure out if you've found "the one". It definitely doesn't hurt to have an idea of the basics and develop them from there.

Now to just work on finding "the one"...

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Danae said...

I haven't been on blogger at all since my surgery, and I'm too busy with homework to post anything of my own right now. It was fun catching up on all your postings. Had to spend some time on this one, of course! I wanted to see if eHarmony's definition of "the one" matches up to my definition of "the one."

I hated eHarmony. They kept matching me with people from far away, and even the bay area was too far for me. I'm not a long distance person. Treva & Alisha said, "Try Yahoo!" Okay... whatever you say, girls... well after meeting my guy on Yahoo, I now believe in internet personals sites!

Don't worry, Mr. Right is out there somewhere. But I know it's hard waiting. I'm terrible with patience, too!