Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday?!?

My word, where has the week gone. I've been home so far, all of 1 night. I think. Quite honestly I can't even remember.

I have so much to blog about, but I'm lacking the time to do it. I really wish I could properly post from work, pictures, hyperlinks, and all. 'Cause then I'd be able to, well, post properly from work. Work where even though I'm swamped seems to be where I have more free time for myself, as opposed to after work where I surprisingly don't.

Maybe this weekend I can get caught up. Or at least hopefully I can feel caught up.

So what have I been doing you ask? Well let me give you a run down!

-Weight Watchers (BOO!) - WW has not been going well lately, maybe because I have not been exactly good with what I put in my mouth. After stepping on the scale I vow to myself that this week I WILL track and I WILL see a negative on the scale.
-Bible Study (Yeah!) - I love these gals! And I love the fact that we're 2 chapters away from completing the book we've been working on since November. I'm not lovin' the fact that in the next 2 weeks we'll be going over a chapter a week. Let's just say the average pages per chapter is about 25.
-Prep for bed (shower, yada yada yada)

-Work - Took needed long lunch with gals from work and meet up with co-worker out on maternity leave with her little guy. He loves me. His smile said so.
-Got home and did a dance workout DVD with Kaitlin. Let me tell you, these white girls CANNOT bust a move! So I don't know if I'd technically call it a workout. Sure, we sweat, but the AC wasn't on. We pretty much did a lot of walking in circles with the occasional arm pump while the girls on the screen actually danced.
-Started a blog for the family catering business. Operative words, started. I have yet to post anything. But I'll let you know when I do. :)
-Dinner, rested for a minute or 2, showered, etc.
-I was IN BED by 10:10. That's my new goal. (More on that later.)

-Work - Go figure. 71.4% of weekdays are spend at work.
-Hair Appointment - Woot woot! I got my hair cut. Not "just a trim", but cut. Kinda. Like an inch and add some layers. Can someone take a cute picture of me so I can post it? Let's go take them at the beach. My next appointment will be taking care of a problem that is happening more frequently than I would like. (More on that later.)
-Trip to Target - I love Target. 'Nuff said!
-Dinner with friends - I was a good girl! Side salad and a cup of soup at Chili's.
-Choir - I was guilted into going. I was torn on whether or not I wanted to sing in the choir at church in a month, and I was definitely leaning more towards no. But I was GUILTED into going. Let me remind you, choir doesn't start until 8:15, therefore I wasn't home until 10. So much for bedtime that night! We'll see if I stick with it. I need the "me time".
-Bedtime ritual, blah blah blah

-Work - here we go again!
-Destress, rest and dinner
-Took a drive - I drove a friend to the Sacramento Airport. Her flight was at 9:30pm, so we were there around 8:30. Enjoyed the nice quiet ride home, just me and my thoughts and my God. Talked to a few individuals as I neared home. (Maybe more on that later.) Home around 10pm. Geez!
-Night night

-Work - I'm here! And I was 15 minutes earlier than I had been the past 2 weeks. And I even showered this morning! Go me!
-Tonight: Gotta make dinner for the fam. Doh! What am I going to make???
-Tonight: Movies with friends. Going to see Star Trek. Hummm... I'm not a Treky!

Weekend plans:
-Sleep in!!!
-Rearrange back bedroom. (I'll post pictures when I'm done.)
-Try to get caught up on the last 2 weeks of shows that I missed. I heart DVR.
-Plan/Organize wine tasting day trip. Talk with co-organizer who is currently in LA working. :)
-Figure out what I want to do for my birthday next week! EEK!!!
-Make mom something for mom's day
-Celebrate mom's day
-Shoot! Wrap present that is still in my car for mom's day!
-Dangit! Read chapter for Bible Study.
-Maybe some bloggy blog writing posty things.
-Geez, what do I want to do for my birthday?!?!

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