Saturday, May 9, 2009

Single? How to Work a Wedding

Wedding season is here ladies! Me, well, for once in the past umpteen years I only have one wedding to attend so far this year. Which means that I have only have one opportunity to check out my options!

So here's some advice from a MSN Article...

  1. Plan Ahead - Yes, apparently there is homework to do before going to a wedding, especially if you're single and on the prowl.
  2. Work the Crowd - Time to break out of your shell little "Miss Non-Social, Outgoing Butterfly." I'm talking to myself here. Even if "he's" not there, his friend may be...
  3. Don't Wallow - 'Nuff said!
  4. Amuse Yourself - How many opportunities do you really have to get all gussied up? Now's your chance. Spend the extra time on yourself, go to the spa. Or just spend your evening at the kid's table entertaining them.
  5. Have a Little Perspective - Go. Enjoy yourself. Regardless.
So there you have it. Check out the article for more information.

Happy hunting!

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