Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Zinfest

May 16th was the annual Zinfest in Lodi. And because I'm this new wine connoisseur, and it was local and fairly inexpensive, I had to go. Plus it wasn't my idea, it was Mitch's. And Thomas and Katie were on board to go. And then I convinced my co-worker Devon to join us because she's trying to do more things outside her comfort zone. So we went. And it was hot. I think that weekend it hit 105F or so in the valley, and we were outside during the peak of it.

Katie, photo op! Katie is all for the photo ops.
Devon, having a ball. Trying new wines. Enjoying the sights. Being pet by Katie. It's all good!
Mitch and Thomas. I think they were watching Katie be silly. Or maybe they were thinking of a nice cold beer. We were about wined out by this time.
And here's our silly Katie. I believe she was trying to replicate the face of the real picture.
Close, yea?All in all, a great time! The wines were for the most part good, some better than others. The company, well, couldn't ask for better. I'd definitely go again next year.

I would just pray for comfortable temperatures first.

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