Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Traits that Bag a Boyfriend

From one single gal to the next, I'm passing on some friendly advice as found in an article online. So how does one bag a boyfriend? Let's find out, shall we...
  1. You're just that into yourself
    Self-confidence!!! Get some, or guys are going to pass. Girls with low self-esteem come across as needy. And needy girls don't get the guy. How do you show that you're that girl? Don't promote yourself, but rather show your interest and curiosity in the guy.
  2. You've got a burning passion...and not just for him
    Men are attracted to women with clear interests and lots of enthusiasm. Drop subtle hints on your latest adventure and project. The guy won't feel like he's completely responsible for your happiness, and he'll be more inclined to want to be part of your multifaceted life.
  3. You know how to compromise
    This is one of the most important skills if you're looking for a long term relationship. Being flexible is a huge turn-on, it means less conflict. Prove you know how to compromise early on by letting him weigh in on the restaurant choice or not acting annoyed if he changes plans.
  4. You dress for guys, not gals
    If you're not turning heads, it's because you're not dressing for the guys. Peasant tops and skinny jeans are all cute, but you might as well be wearing your flannel pajamas. Men want to see curves, so dress to accentuate. There is a fine line though, so don't cross it.
  5. You're over your ex
    Before you get serious about starting a relationship with a new guy, make sure you're not hoping or trying for one with your old guy. No one wants to feel like their in an unwinnable competition; and if you're living in the past you won't truly be motivated to move on the the future and connect with new guys.
There you have it. 5 easy steps.

Now if only practicing were easier than preaching...

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