Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fridge Door

Allie tagged me! So I must oblige. Here's how it works...you take a picture of your fridge door and you talk about what's on it. Then tag 2 people to do the same...so... I tag Friend A (who ever wants to) and Friend B (second person that wants to).

This is my refrigerator. It is black. It is full of quick to make, processed foods. I need to make it full of healthy things. But then they go bad.
Let's take a closer look shall we. The top... Well, as you can see it's random. There's no rhyme or reason. Since things aren't in order, I won't be describing in order. How would I even explain the order of my explaination? I have a couple magnets with measurement converters, cause 1 is never enough. There is a picture of my bible study group from Christmas time. My grocery shopping list pad. A list of stuff I need/want from IKEA. A postcard from Canada behind the IKEA list. My Compassion International sponsor child, Gabriella. A note from Kaitlin. A magnet that looks like Oscar, that everytime Coleman comes over he flips it over and cries "poor Oscar". A picture of Lake Tahoe I took a couple years ago. Some angel ornament. A funny sign that my dog flunked out of obident school. Some other random magnets. And my CA Grown sticker.
Now for the bottom. Some postcard notes from WW from when I've done good. Another note from Kaitlin. A picture of Akaka Falls from the first time I went to Hawaii. An "Uff Da Happens" bumper sticker. And a list of stuff that still needs to be done on the house.
That about does it. It's nothing exciting. But now, looking at it, it's cluttered. Maybe I should clean it.

Nah. I've got more important things to do first.

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Teaseburger said...

Ha!! You crack me up!