Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Week Streak

Friends, there is something I haven't told you. It's been just over a month. The beginning was very scary, but it's gotten better.

Much better.

You see, on Memorial Day around 9:30 in the evening my Riley girl had a seizure. It was terrifying. I've never witnessed anyone ever having a seizure before. It's horrible. I'll spare you the details. But trust me, I thought I was losing another beloved pet.

But she lived through the first one. As well as the one the next day. Being as 2 within 24 hours isn't ideal, we made an appointment with the vet and they were able to see her that same day.

(Please note, this is a new vet, not the same vet that misdiagnosed Izzie. I'm not going back to that vet!)

The vet checked her over and took a sample of blood. Everything checks out healthy by her physical and blood work. So the plan was to monitor Riley and keep a journal, or log, of any more seizures. If they seem steady or frequent we'd have to start her on medication, medication for life.

She had another one Thursday.

But then a week went by without any. I thought we were in the clear. Then on a Saturday she had one in the afternoon. Then another one late at night, while we were in bed. Then 2 on Sunday.

Time for another vet visit.

This time everything still checked out physically as healthy. But it was agreed that due to her "clusters" of seizures it would be best to start medication. The goal is to get the pet having a maximum of 1 seizure per month. Sometimes the dosage needs to be increased, or sometimes it can be decreased.

That was 3 weeks ago.

And we haven't had any seizures since.

Although, I think she's a bit bloated and has gained a little weight.

Kinda like her mama.

Maybe it's time to get active. Mandy, you game?

I'm thankful that 1) we're on a streak sans seizures; 2) the medication is affordable ($16/60 pills); 3) I'm not having to live in fear of having to constantly wash my bedding, blankets, cushion covers, etc. I'd do anything for my girl though, so it's all a small price to pay.


Danae said...

Awww, poor Riley! Daily meds are not fun but I'm glad they're not breaking the bank! Thank goodness it's going OK for now. Let's hope the meds do the trick :)

Teaseburger said...

Your poor little dog!! :o( And poor you!!! :o(