Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok. So about this amazing facebook uploader thingy.

Let me preface. Or did I already? Facebook won't allow me to use their fast uploader thing. So I'm stuck uploading 5 at a time

On my computer I have Picasa (google's picture manager). And I upload pictures to Picasa online. I like Picasa. And I don't want to have 3,962 other uploader programs hanging out on my computer.

So after I got back from my SoCal mini vaca, I had a lot of blogs to get caught up on. And I mean a lot.

I came across this one from the Digital Photography School site. Follow the grid at the bottom and tada!

So not only can I upload pictures to facebook from Picasa now, I can also upload to Flickr. And since I only have about 3.17% free space left on Picasa online I think I'll be using Flickr. And I'll probably become a big girl and pay the annual fee for unlimited uploading and storage space instead of the limited monthly uploading.

So that's that. It's easy. And a wonderful convenience to my life to aid in my laziness, I mean effiency.

I recommend it!

In fact, I recommend the Digital Photography School site for anyone that is interested in learning more about photography.

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