Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's a weird, weird life

Man things are strange right now in my little life. Where do I start?

  • So my boss is gone this week. I was so looking forward to having the week to get caught up before I take a few days off next week. It ain't happenin'. I've gotten 2 things crossed off my list and added 12 more.
  • Currently, right this minute, I'm holding a text conversation with an ex-boyfriend. Think years ago ex. Like, ex that was in a bad accident while on duty and is now dependent on a wheelchair.
  • I'm going on a mini vaca next week. That's not strange or weird. It's wonderful! I can't wait to see Macie and her mom and dad and meet her new brother William. Then go to my cousin's wedding down in the same are. Me = excited!!!
  • I'm also in the midst of planning, or attempting to, another vacation. Can't talk much about that right now though until a few things are confirmed. Stay tuned.
  • Speaking of staying tuned. Is there anything you can remember that I've said stay tuned or more to come on and haven't followed through? Please remind me what I was supposed to share with you, because I can't remember. Leave reminder in comments. And. I'll. get back to you. Stay tuned. ahahaha
  • My basil flourishes but tomato plant dies. There were planted 2 feet from each other. What gives? Tomato #2 is planted. Here's to hopin' a get one little piece of fruit from it.
  • I've been talking/texting with Dennis lately. A lot. Doesn't mean anything. Not pushing anything. Just friends. That talk. A lot. Like before. Just without the lovey dovey stuff.
  • God is in control! That's not weird or strange either. But that's my mantra.
  • If it's in God's will, He'll make it happen. Again, not weird or strange, just truth.
  • I've made dinner 2 nights in a row! Now that is not normal.
  • My friend, Mandy, referred me to a digital photography/scrapbooking/photoshop website. I'm hooked on watching the free tutorials. Hooked I say! The leader of the site has only classes. I just might sign up for the one that starts Monday. Mandy, wanna do it together???
  • Even when I try to go to bed between 10 and 11pm, I can't sleep. So I read some. Then I attempt to sleep and toss and turn until about 1am. Then I konk out.
  • In fact, that's what I'm gonna do now. I'm gonna finish watching a tutorial, then I'm going to bed. This tutorial is something that I've wanted to know how to do for awhile. And I'm finally learning. Now I'll get to start implementing.
  • But not now, cause I'm going to bed now.
Night all!


M, A and C too! said...

Which class are you talking about? If it's the Oh Shoot! class- that's sold out! Or at least I think it is....

Courtney said...

Hummm... Didn't look like it was when I looked. I'll check again when I have a break. Wanna do it together if it's not?

M, A and C too! said...

Sure- I'm already enrolled... It would be great to have a friend to talk things out with! :-)

(I was told that the class sells out super fast and to watch constantly for her to offer it again- I was lucky I got in!)