Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me? An Aunt?

No, Chris, Paige or Kaitlin is NOT going to be a parent.

Well, not a blood aunt, but an honorary aunt.

My bff in the whole wide world announced that she and her hubby are expecting.

Rylen is PREGGO!


See. Baby A and Baby B.
(I'm gonna be honest. I can never tell what I'm looking at with these sonogram/ultrasound things. I feel like Rachel from "Friends" when she was having a sonogram.)

I'm so uber excited for both she and Jim. They're going to be wonderful parents.

Please pray for Rylen's pregnancy. That it would progress without trouble and problem. That it will progress with ease and without discomfort. Pray that God will bless Jim and Rylen as their family grows from 2 to 4 (practically over night).

I do know this though. Pea A and Peanut B (a girl and a boy) are going to be spoiled by their Aunt Courtney!

Now to figure out how to convince Rylen that she should start a blog... Ashley, help with this one!


Ahlem Family said...

hahahahha... you're too funny! I actually sent her a message just the other day saying she needed to start one. Maybe we should offer to help her. Spend some quality girl time and create it!!

Courtney said...

Agreed! I'll try to convince her too. I was already trying to think of cleaver names for her blog...
2 Peas in a Pod was the best I could think of. Fitting!
2+2=4 is cute too.

Let's get on it!

Teaseburger said...

You really can't see what's in the pic?? Soooo fun!!! I can't wait to see the baby pictures you take of them. ;p