Sunday, July 26, 2009

A SoCal Visit...Friday

Friday. Yeah for Friday. Mark decided to take the day off from work. For this I feel extremely honored. We had discussed what to do Friday, and what Mark would like to do in case he was able to take the day off, and we settled on Balboa and Balboa Island.
We parked. Had lunch and a frozen chocolate banana, shopped a little, then walked to the ferry to take across to Balboa.That restaurant there, that's where we had happy hour appetizers and margaritas before heading home.
After we got to the Balboa side, Mark and Macie went on the Ferris Wheel while Melissa, William and I looked around at at couple shops.
And Macie went on the super trampoline, which she LOVED!
We then walked to the other side of the peninsula. Well, some of us walked. Others of us hitched a ride.Mark and Macie few a kite while Melissa and I watched. William just hung out looking adorable as ever.We walked back to the Harborside something a rather restaurant for dinner/drinks. It was good. Our waitress was not. Then back to the other side we went.
We got a little lost while looking for the car. But we got to look at beautiful multimillion dollar homes. We eventually found the house, loaded up, drove home. Mark put the kids to bed while Melissa and I went out to get pay by the ounce frozen yogurt. I love pay by the ounce froyo. And this place had like 15 flavors, maybe more. I was in awe.

You know what I've learned, our little central valley greatly lacks pay by the ounce frozen yogurt places.

Once back at the house we ate our froyo and watched another movie. Everyone stayed awake for this one. :)

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