Monday, July 27, 2009

A SoCal Visit...Saturday/Sunday

Saturday. The day that I was scheduled to leave the Gleason Household. I leisurely got packed up and ready to go. Hung out with the kids and Mark and Melissa a little longer. And around 12ish I took off. The drive from Rancho Santa Margarita to Claremont should have only been about 45 minutes.

But when there is an accident on I5 closing down 2 lanes things got a little slowed up.

Oh well. No biggie.

I got to Claremont just in time to hop out of my car and jump into my parent's car to go grab some lunch along Foothill aka Route 66. Interesting little diner type place.

Back at the hotel there wasn't much time to rest before having to get ready for my cousin's wedding. I like to call Megan my "surprise cousin" because she comes with my "surprise uncle". I'll have to explain that story sometime. It's a good one.

Remind me later. I'll forget.

Dad walked into an all girls hotel room. I don't think he realized how big of a mess Kaitlin and 2 of my cousin's could make.
It was really hot that day. Like really hot. Like my butt sweated a lot hot. Not a good thing when you're all spiffied up. Luckily these fans here were the favors. And Kaitlin was a lovely model.This would have been a great shot of my Uncle Mike and Megan had that darned photographer not been in the way. I'm not joking you, there were like 4 photographers there. I think 3 of them worked for 1 of them. (Good math, eh?) They were part of an art program on campus. My Uncle was beaming and my cousin looked gorgeous!
The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Heisterman. Hiesterman. Matt and Megan!Here I was testing the lighting. I need to work on testing the lighting. I'm not so good at it. Good thing Breanne already has red hair, or else it would just look red from the lighting.
Father and daughter first dance. (See. I need help with lighting.)
Had to break out the flash here. I gave into peer pressure. Everyone else was using their flash. Why couldn't I? Oh, because I don't like how the flash ends up giving you a shiny nose and chin. This would be the next Arnold kin to attend Cal Poly. Keepin' the tradition alive, Tricia!
Outside the auditorium. Where it was slightly cooler than inside the auditorium. Still not completely cooled down. Still totally warm out. Sure was a pretty building though.
See, still needing to use the props, I mean the fans. Still needing to fan themselves off.
We left shortly before midnight. The party was apparently moving to some bar called Piano Piano that was right next to the hotel. Mom and Dad obviously weren't going to go. Tricia and I were beat. Kaitlin and Breanne totally wanted to join the rest of the crowd, but being as Breanne is underage (and going to be the next of Arnold kin starting at Cal Poly in the fall) they didn't go either. We all fell asleep shortly after getting back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we went to a brunch with with Bride, Groom, and their family. It was a lovely (aka HOT) morning. We ate, we visited, we left.

What did you expect? We still had a 5-6 hour drive ahead of us. After a quick stop at 21 Choices, meaning they only had 6 choices of froyo, we hit the road. Mom hopped in the car with me and away we went. Smoothly too.

Until the grapevine. Where there was a fire about 1/3 up the road. So we crept. And we crawled. And we watched my radiator gauge slowly climb. And we had to turn the AC way down. Then we had to turn the AC completely off and depend on 4-60.

Except it was 4-5. Which equals sitting in the still heat for, oh, roughly 45 minutes to an hour.

Got going again. Got some air circulating around the engine and it cooled down rapidly. Then so did we with the AC full blast!

Uber quick stop in Bakersfield at Starbucks to use the facility and get a cold, caffinated beverage. Then away we went. Non stop. Cruise controllin' around 75.

And we were home around 6. And I was beat. And my dog missed me.

And that was my vacation.

Any questions?

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Danae said...

It sounds like Adam & I were really lucky on our trip-- no problems on the grapevine. Just the usual traffic in LA. Those fans are pretty neat-o! And yeah, sweaty butts are not a good thing. That made me laugh!