Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok, so most of you know that I like photography.

Shocker I know!

And what I've really wanted to do now for awhile was have some sort of watermark or marking on the pictures that I post. I want something simple, not too busy, doesn't interfere too much with the actual picture. I have photoshop, so the sky is the limit; but my knowledge of the programs full capabilities is not.

Why? Cause I'm proud! Not boastful, just proud of my work.

So I have a few options that I'd like your opinion on. Ready?

Option A:
Option B:
Option C:
Option D:
Side-by-Side Comparison:
Now which do you like?

I know that I like something in one of the bottom corners. Most likely white, unless it's a light picture in which it'll be black.

Also, what should I call myself? Currently it says "Courtney Ann Photography". Should it say something different?


(fyi, yes, this would be a picture of Kaitlin from my practice photo shoot that you have yet to see pictures of. i'm getting to it!)


Ahlem Family said...

Option A then Option C

Mel said...

A or C are both great...and I like the Courtney Ann Photography... :)

Teaseburger said...

I like A & C. I think C is a little too big... and I think A is a little too small. Are there any in between font sizes for those?? I do like B as well... but its just to long and slightly bulky. I like the flower, font and size of D... just not the black bar.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the votes! I'd say unanimously A and C are winning.

Stacey, A is the one that you thought said Courtney Corn. I think I like C better than A though, it's cleaner. Yes, I can shrink the size.

I wanted to try the bar (D) like a photographer's blog that I follow, I like her bar branding and was trying to do something like it. I LOVE her pictures though( I've been drawing inspiration for a few other photog blogs I follow. :)

I could change the font of B to something clean and simple.