Sunday, August 2, 2009

I heart FroYo

While going to college, my roommate and I frequently would take late night trips to Bali's.

Self serve frozen yogurt at it's finest. And the only place I knew of that offered that service. You could get as little or as much as you wanted of yogurt and toppings, paying for your treat by the ounce.

While visiting Melissa and Mark a few weeks ago we went to Yogurtland. Again I was in love.

I must admit, Yogurtland was better than Bali's. Probably because they had about 15 more choices of froyo/tarts to choose from.

I was in froyo heaven!

I don't know where the nearest pay by the ounce frozen yogurt place is in relation to my home, but by golly, I'm gonna find it!

Anyone up for the hunt with me?

FYI...I did found out that there is a Yogurtland in San Ramon. So next time (in like 3 years) I'm in that part of the Bay Area you better bet I'll be stopping.


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