Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kaitlin: The Practice Dummy

So last Saturday I took pictures of a friend from high school and her new fiancee. I volunteered to do it as practice and just to see how I would do shooting people. Not places. Not landscape. Not flowers.

But I also knew that before I took pictures of Danae and Adam I should probably practice on someone else. Or at least go scope out CSUS for good locations.

So I went to my go to gal.


So let me show you what I did. What my pictures look like...

I love this one. It may actually be my favorite (or in the top 5). Doesn't it look like she's praising God?
She thought she was being so cute. Pretending to walk down an aisle. She's right, she was b
Scary face! Or is that the "oh no it's hideous" face?Just a cool look with the sun flare and the leaf.
She was getting way into the jehovah witness propaganda. NOT!Ain't nothin' wrong with laying on a bring wall wishing and dreaming.Isn't this one adorable? I think this was taken after she rolled down the hill (intentionally). Then Kait was just being goofy.Classic black and white.Embrace the freckles! Kaitlin's typical laughing face.
Pondering life.Something about this pictures speaks to me. The way the sun is reflecting off Kaitlin and the water. The sun flare. The warm feeling.Last picture because the sun had gone down.
So... What do you think? Did I do good?

What I learned is that I need to work at posing. I learned that even more come Saturday. With practice I'll get better. I'm just so used to taking the candid pictures of people in their natural element. Oh well, that's why I practiced.


Mel said...

YOu do great!!! I wish we still lived down there I would ask you to do our family pictures for the end of the year!! Oh, Welll I guess that's life.

Courtney said...

Well next time you're down Mel, just let me know and we'll make plans. Maybe not in time for Christmas cards, but definitely always in time for the wall. :)