Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where's the beef?

I'm such a slacker! I keep feeding you, my loyal readers, fluff and no substance lately. You're probably sick just seeing the daily Pic of the Day, which I'm not even caught up on.

I have no excuse. I'm excuse-less.

So what's going on in my little corner of the world? Well, in a week from Wednesday I'm goin' on vacation. To Florida. And I'm so excited! And I've got a busy week ahead of me to help fill time and make it pass by quicker.

Tuesday: work, gettin' my hair done; and probably picking up Riley's refill prescription
Wednesday: work, work on packing and cleaning the house
Thursday: work, Modesto Nuts game with Cal Poly Alumni group (going with my friends that I played match maker with)
Friday: work, gotta make dinner for the fam, things last minute always happen
Saturday: pack, pedicures with my bff, pack
Sunday: church, scratch that I have one more week of boycotting, sleep in, lunch with friends after they get out of church, last minute shopping, work on finalizing packing
Monday: work, WW, really finalize packing minus make up stuffs, oh and I'll only be at my desk about a total of 30 minutes due to numerous long meetings
Tuesday: work, TND
Wednesday: work, Fly out of Sac around 7:30pm to Seattle
Thursday: Fly out of Seattle at 8:45am with Dennis to Orlando

Yes, you'll notice I have pack on that list a lot. One reason for that, if I wait until the last minute, I'll over pack big time. So if I take the time and leisurely pack I'll be better at what I'm putting in the suitcase. The goal is to not need the giant suitcase, oh, and to not pack over 50 pounds. 1) because it costs (stupid!), and 2) because I have a bet.

So there you have it.

Now's your chance. Ask me anything. Tell me what you want to know about or stories you want to hear. Or I may have to revert back to plinky until my bloggy juices get flowin' again.

Oh, and I'll be twittering and mobile blogging (hopefully) during my trip. As well as posting pictures to facebook and/or flickr. Stay tuned.

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