Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Secret to Finding...

I'm on a search, a quest you might say.  To find what you ask?  I'm on a mission to find the love of my life.  Of course it's all in God's hands and timing, but I can't sit around and wait for him to knock on my door.  So let's see what Mindy Weiss has to say about...

The Secret to Finding The Love of Your Life
There's no better way to put your best foot forward that to use your home as a backdrop for getting to know new people.  And how do you do that?  Throw a party!  Just make sure that you're throwing a party that designed to do two important things. 1) Make you appear to be a confident and charming host, and 2) attract single, fun and interesting people.
  1. Don't Just Invite Anybody
    You need to invite a specific kind of person, and it may feel awkward the first time. That's okay. Important new steps are sometimes that way. For this party you're going to want to invite all the smart, fun, and interesting people you know with the phrase, "please come and bring someone single and fun."  
  2. Don't Wait for the Weekend
    For weekend nights she recommends keeping it very simple - picking up some trays of food from the market, or grilling burgers.  Make sure you stress to your guests the casual nature of the event.  A weeknight party should be about unwinding from the day and relaxing.
  3. Be Charming and Your Guest will Too
    Positive energy energizes people as they walk through the door.  One of the responsibilities and pleasures of being a host is the free pass to engage any guest with questions about his or her life. Take advantage of the situation, and get to know everyone who comes through your door. This is key because the easiest way to make a date with someone you don't know well is to discover some activity they enjoy.  
  4. Make It Interactive
    Mindy is a big believer in potlucks. "There's nothing wrong or cheap with having a potluck!" She is also a big believer in themed events.  Themes or holidays can give you a great excuse for the party and can give attendees something to focus their food choices on. 
  5. Don't Make it Feel Like Work
    One of the smartest things you can do is to recruit a couple of friends to help.  Make sure you have time to sit down, relax and be your best self.
  6. Remember the Details
    Food:  If you are inviting people over for dinner, you need to make sure you have enough food.
    Parking:  People who drive around for 20 minutes looking to park aren't in a very good mood when they finally get to your place.
    Bathroom:  If you only have one bathroom, and personal items in there, empty it out.
    Decorations:  I would keep it simple.  I wouldn't overly decorate.  The idea is to come, make them feel at home, and meet people.

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Jill said...

Sooo...when's the party? :) Buy your supplies from a finer establishment such as Tarshay and don't risk the Wallyworld bathrooms! haha :)