Monday, November 23, 2009

5 Ways Women Sabotage Their Relationships

Am I a saboteur?   I know I'm constantly trying not to sabotage my weight loss journey.  And sometimes I feel like I sabotage friendships.  Or maybe I manipulate...?  Either way, not good.  So, do I sabotage relationships too?  Well, let's see what eharmony has to say about how women sabotage their relationships...
  1. You’ve refused to go out with a guy because he didn’t fit your perfect picture of Mr. Right.
    Is the guy you’re hoping to meet more myth than actual flesh and blood? If he is, then it’s time to think about the real guys you meet and how they might make you happy ever after without the fairy tale ending.  Ok, I'd like the opportunity to refuse to go out with a guy.  Seriously!  Sure, I know what I want in a guy, but in order to know if someone does or doesn't fit into what I'm looking for I first need to find someone to go on a date with and get to know.
  2. You’ve judged a guy based solely on looks, and ignored the fact that he had a great personality.
    Great looks don’t last, but a caring man, who puts you first, might truly go the distance. A kind man who will be a faithful partner is the kind of happiness you can take to the bank. I'm not that shallow, but there needs to be some sort of instant attraction.  Right?
  3. You have a pattern of getting into arguments with your significant other -- for no real reason.
    More often than not, the woman doing this habitually is experiencing a form of transference, in which you relive the wounds of past relationships. Remember this one simple rule, good endings help create good beginnings. If you take the time to heal those past relationship disappointments, there’s a good chance you’ll leave a lot of those needless arguments behind you. Um, guilty.  Doh!  How do I fix it and make it better?

 There you have it, 5 ways women sabotage their relationships.  Sometimes it's good to hear the stuff that we don't want to hear.  Sometimes we do things without realizing, or we do realize but don't the the reasoning.  Reflect back on past relationship and try to figure out what happened, what went wrong, who was wrong.  (Ok, don't reflect back on that one, 'cause the other person is 99.9% of the time the wrong one, right?)

If you're wondering why I keep posting all these eharmony articles, it's because for that fraction of a second that I had a paid membership I got put on their email list.  And apparently they still know that 1) I haven't found my soul mate, and 2) I need help!

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