Thursday, November 5, 2009

Announcement: Colleen and Chris are engaged!

Guess what!?!  Ok, so most of you already know.  But my brother is getting married!  To Colleen!  Chris and Colleen are engaged!

Let's take a look at pictures from the last few years...

Catalina Island Vacation

Sharing a monster of a drink.  It later gave Colleen a headache... (in Avalon)

Colleen drinking Buffalo Milk.  Don't worry, it's just the name a drink. (in Two Harbors)

At the Ranch
Katie and Stan's rehearsal dinner...

At the wedding reception...

Colleen with all the Arnold cousins, less Paige.  Really, she was filling in for Paige, while still being Chris' date.

Summer of 2008, Merced Co. Fair, Rooney.

And thus concludes the pictures I have for you of Chris and Colleen.  Sure, I have many more.  Like itty bitty thumbname size pictures of them from one of their sr. prom, and many more from Catalina Island.  Don't worry, there will be many more to show in the future.

Congrats to Chris and my future sis-in-law Colleen.  May God bless you and and your life together. 

And may you bless me with many nieces and nephews in years to come.

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