Monday, November 9, 2009

Go Wolf Pack!

A few weekends after I went to the ranch, I went to Reno.  This trip was with Devon and George to go to Devon's brother's college football game at University Nevada-Reno.
See, Reno.  "The Biggest Little City in the World".  Maybe that's an overstatement, biggest little city in the world.  But still, Reno is like Las Vegas not on steroids.  Vegas = steroids.  Reno = unsteroids.

We pulled into Reno sometime around 9pm Friday evening.  Dumped our stuff off at the hotel then headed down to scope out the gambling scene.  And you know what, there was a gambling scene.  Smoking included.  I forgot about it being legal to smoke in the casino.  Gross!  Just so you know, at one point I was up $15 from where I started.  Then the "what-if, maybe" kicked in and I kept going.  I ended up leaving down $40.  Oops. 

Saturday afternoon was the football game.  First we had breakfast.  Then I bought a Wolf Pack long sleeve hoodie.  Had to fit in you know.  Collin Kaepernick, #10, starting quarterback, future NFL star!

The Wolf Pack won!  70 to 45, or was it 35.  Regardless, they beat Idaho.  Collin ran in 4 or 5 of the touchdowns.  See that poof of smoke?  Yea, that cannon would go off everytime Nevada scored.  You'd think I would have gotten used to it.  But no, everytime I jumped. (Picture of Collin making touchdown.)

Post game photo ops.  Devon and myself.  We were waiting for Collin to come out of the locker room.

George and Devon.  Such a cute picture if I say so myself.

After the game we had pizza and wings at Collin's courtesy of Devon's parents.  Then we went back to the hotel/casino to see if we/I could win some of my money back.  No such luck. Oh well, $40 towards a weekend of entertainment isn't too shabby.

We left for home around 9:30/10ish the next morning and were home by 1:30ish.  All in all a good weekend away. 

For more pictures go here.

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