Wednesday, November 11, 2009


If you know me, you know that don't do Halloween.  I don't dress up, I don't get all hyped up, and really, I'd rather turn the porch lights out and cuddle inside in the dark.

Face it, the best thing about Halloween is candy corn mixed with peanuts.

But this year, this year I went to a party.

And I dressed up.

As a Stud Finder.  Complete with tool box (aka my purse/camera bag for the night), tool belt, and stud finder.

Where, oh where is a stud?

Others dressed up too.  We have a "Not a Morning" Person, a Lady Scott, and a Sailor Moon.
For being a "not morning person", Kaitlin sure looked bright eyed, chipper, and bushy tailed!  It's like she was in the movies with the magic morning make-up too.

This year's customer for me though, well, it was a bust.  As there were no studs to be found, only studs that were already nailed.

So here I am, as a Studless Finder.

 I'm tempted to start carrying that device around with me in my purse (not the tool box).



Danae said...

Candy corn mixed with cashews. I tried it hearing your suggestion a while ago. OMG it's to die for!!!

melinda sue said...

i love your costume! you are just cute as a button...