Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1 Week... the life of a Weight Watchers member.

I resemble this remark!

Day 1 (right after weigh in)
Oh boy, that piece of cake I saved is near,
Besides, no pounds will ever show,
I've got seven whole days to go.

Day 2
A day of shopping at the mall,
And a burger special - cheese, mayo and all.
I'll walk it off and get in gear,
Six days to go, no weigh-in near!

Day 3
I think I'll skip my tuna lunch.
A Reuben Sandwich is what I'll munch.
With maybe a shake and chips, you know?
Besides, I've got five days to go!

Day 4
For breakfast one egg, toast and juice.
Kids left their pancakes.  Oh! What's the use?
These days wasting food is such a sin,
And it's still four days till I weigh in.

Day 5
Boy, the weekend is really rough.
Restaurant menus are very tough.
I'll work off this steak, no problem here.
In just three days I'll be in the clear?

Day 6
Breakfast...I'll just have coffee today.
Maybe I'll lose some that way!
Supper...I'm starving - I could eat a whale.
Two more days till I step on that scale!

Day 7
Now my nerves are really a wreck.
I might as well eat.  Oh! What the heck!
I'll drink tons of water and walk all night.
One day to go - I'll be alright.

Weigh In Day
I polished off the pizza as a snack today.
But followed it with two bowls of Special K!
I gained two pounds - can you believe?
Maybe it's the Milky Way I've got up my sleeve.
Really, Weight Watchers works if you just take it slow.
I guess I didn't have seven days to go!

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