Monday, January 25, 2010

Mi Cocina es su Cocina

My parent's kitchen is currently under construction.  It looks like this...

Notice there isn't even a ceiling!

Being as 1) I live across the street from my parent's, 2) have a fully functioning kitchen, 3) a kitchen that they technically own and I pay to use, and 4) need to eat dinner every night, my kitchen has become my mom's 2nd kitchen. 

It's kinda nice.  I get home from work and there she is cooking away!  The house smells good, the lights are on (except for the porch light, mom, turn that one on too please).  I help set the table and call dad and Chris over (Kait is generally already there) then we eat!  We do the dishes, then they all go home (Kait generally stays). 

Quite the win win if you ask me!

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