Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

Wow!  Is it Tuesday already?  Can it be Friday already too?  I'd really like that!  Here ya go...

  1. If you could open any type of store/place of business (money is no obstacle), what would you open?
    Hummm...  Here's a few ideas...  -A bakery, a bakery with yummy unique sweets that are well presented (aka not boring looking).  Although I don't want to be the sole baker, I want to be able to mingle with the customers and see the sheer bliss on their face when they bite into the delicious baked good.  Or... -A shop similar to anthropology with vintage, unique, shabby chic items.  Maybe use etsy crafters as the vendors.
  2. If all jobs paid equally, what occupation would you want? Why?
    A house wife/mommy.  Although, I've seen studies done that if you calculated the hours put in and the degree of the "job" and the number of tasks to be completed that the annual wages of a stay at home mom would be up in the 6 figures.  So, it's time for me to find someone wealthy and go from there...  Just kidding, money is everything.  If I had to choose an actually paying job that I would pay well, it'd be a photographer.
  3. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you pick? Why?
    Oh my goodness... I don't know.  What's a good "swiss" animal, one that is neither the prey nor the predator?  On that is cuddly and cute.  How about a pet dog to a celebrity?  At that point I wouldn't even care if I were a mutt 'cause I'd be well taken care of.
  4. If offered one “service” free of charge, which would you choose? (chauffeur, maid, personal shopper, chef, etc.)
    How about a house servant (although I don't like the word servant but it best fits the description)?  This person would clean AND cook AND get my mail AND fluff my pillow.  Ok, they don't have to fluff my pillow.  But they will have to get my mail.
  5. What is one habit, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break?Biting my nails...?  Even though that goes in waves.  Or, snacking throughout the day.  Or insisting that I have dessert every night.  Ok, I know that's 3.  Pick the best one and go with it.
  6. What is one thing that no matter how many you own, you still love to buy all the time?
    Chapsticks/lipglosses.  I always have no less than 6 in my purse at all times.  1 in my coat or jean pocket.  And a jar full of them in my bathroom.  It's an addtiction.  I need help.
  7. Out of all the game shows (past and present), which would you want to be a participant on and play?
    If I were a totally geeky, brainiack, Jeopardy.  If I were a semi geeky, brainiack, Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  If I wanted to play a game more based on luck and not on brains (ok, maybe a little strategy), Deal or No Deal.  
  8. If you could play the lead role in any movie that’s already been made, which movie would you pick?
    Lead role?  You mean I can't be an extra?  This gal is not meant to be on the stage under the hot, bright lights; she's meant to be behind the scenes directing.
  9. Name 5 things on your bucket list (things you want to do before you die).
    Forgive me, there will be a lot of traveling before I kick the bucket... 1) Rent a villa in Tuscany for a family vacation.  2) Visit all 50 US states at least once.  3) Go to Greece.  4) Attend at least one event at the (summer or winter) olympics.  5) Be able to cook instinctively without needing recipes.
  10. Which one of your birthdays was the best? What did you do that day?
    I'm gonna share a little secret with you...95% of the time I get gypted out of a "proper" birthday celebration.  It's always been that way, so now I don't know how to handle it when people want to actually do something for my bday.  Hence my dilemma for this coming May; I'll be 30, I want to do something semi-big to celebrate, but I for once don't want to have to plan the entire thing or have it cost me, the birthday girl, a bundle or money.

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