Monday, March 8, 2010

Ah, my life...

Herr I am, laying in my kind size bed at the MGM in Las Vegas. I'm here until Wednesday for WPPI (wedding and portrait photography international) convention. Good times, overwhelming, and very informative.

So this is going to be real short, since I'm laying in bed.

Last Thursday I started to type out a post about the ordeal with Riley and the energency vet clinic for 48 hours, and her near death, and her revival back to life and quick healing (and my empty pocketbook). Then I went home to find that she had gotten loose.

Talk about heart dropping. At least while she was at the vet I knew where she was, then all the sudden I didn't. Fear, worry, scared were a few of the emotions that I felt. Despite all of our efforts, I was encouraged to still go to Vegas since I did all I could at home. So I did, still filled with fear, worry, scared.

Then, yesterday morning Kaitlin called me practically in tears. Riley wad home. She found her way and let herself in through the back gate (left propped open) and doggy door. Praise God! So back on meds she went. And all seems well, with exception of the few hitch hiking fleas.

I was able to relax. And get worryless rest. Ahhhhhh...

Now I can't wait for her to jump into my arms when I get home.

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Jill said...

You know I couldn't be happier for you that your Riley is home! Taffy (my epileptic dog) dug a hole under our fence yesterday and got out. Fortunately my husband was home and fortunately she didn't go far. She was standing in the driveway barking at the construction workers across the street. I definitely thought of you when I had that moment of fear.