Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Yea!  It's Ten on Tuesday.  And this week my questions were chosen!  Of course, it doesn't help that I sent Chelsea about 53 questions.  So basically I took care of a month of questions for her.  You're welcome Chelsea.  :)

  1. What two cities should be moved closer together?
    I think that it would be great if two totally diffenent climate cities were closer together, like Denver (mountain) and Kona (beach), or New York (big city) and Tuscany (exotic country).  Anywhere could be moved closer to Hilmar and I'd be a happy camper!
  2. What was the first plane ride you took? When I was in 5th grade my grammy took me to Washington DC to tour the city and the surround area/history.  The plan was that she would take each grandchild on a trip like that when they reached 5th grade.  Sadly, and fortunately, I was the only one that benefited.  But Fresno -> Salt Lake City -> Washington DC and back was my first plane ride.  I love flying!
  3. What continent would you most like to visit? Europe.  The entire continent.  All at once (over a period of many months) or multiple trips.  It doesn't matter to me.  But that is where I'd like to go.  All over Europe.  Someday, maybe that dream will come true.  You know, when I finally invent the tree that grows money.
  4. What’s your favorite place to window-shop?
    Most of my shopping is window shopping.  When it comes to non-necessity items I end up with big time buyers remorse.  So I tend to not buy something right away, but if it's still a want/need some time later then I make the purchase.  I also see things and "oh I have to have it!", then I remember that I live in a 900 some square foot house without a lot of storage.  That especially happens at places like Pottery Barn and Anthropology.  Darn practicality!
  5. What’s the least fun you’ve ever had at a place specifically tailored for fun?Haha.  Can I say Disney World?  Don't shoot me.  I blame it on the person I was with.  I'm sure Disney World is oodles of fun, but I just wasn't feelin' it when I went to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland is better!).  I'm willing to give the giant land of mouse another shot though.
  6. You’re stuck on an island with plenty of food, a companion, and a relatively stress-free lifestyle. What do you say when the rescue ship comes?
    Although stress-free seems like the way to be, I thrive on at least a little stress.  So I'd decompress some, grab a few coconuts and my buddy and board the ship back to the good life.
  7. Which day of the week do you look forward to most?
    Fridays after 4pm.  Computer is shutting down, grab my purse, and run for the door never to look back...  From there my time is mine again.  No more "yes sir" and "I'll get right on it".  At least til Monday...
  8. What’s your favorite place to enjoy the great outdoors?
    My aunt's ranch in Santa Margarita.  It's peaceful.  It's beautiful.  It's like a home away from home.  The ocean is a 20 minute drive.  Further into the rugged hill is a 15 minute drive.  It's the place my mom grew up.  And the place I look forward to someday taking my kids to visit and enjoy.  It's a place that the minute you drive up you instantly relax. 
  9. What’s on your “to do” list this summer?
    Maybe a road trip to the Seattle/British Columbia area.  And work.  Because, unfortunately, money still has to be made so work has to happen. 
  10. Which natural disaster freaks you out the most?
    Definitely tornados and hurricanes.  No thank you to massive forces of air swirling all around me and picking up things as it goes throwing it who knows where.  I'll take my little foot massage earthquakes any day.


Chelsea said...

100% disagree. Disney World is SO much better than Disney Land. Give it another shot. Yes, it's very possible that the person you were with ruined it for you. It's AMAZING.

Ashley said...

Friday afternoon is most certainly a popular time :)

Angela said...

These were your questions? I loved them this week!
When you invent that money tree, I may just happen to stop by and visit quite often.
I'm trying to convince my family to get out of Alberta this summer and go camping in BC, it would be such a nice trip, and it's been a while since I've been there!

Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

I'm well behind the 8 ball here but great questions! Thanks for them. I also like that you do the "pieces" piece at the start of the month too.

Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

and my last comment may not have made sense so feel free to ignore the second part of it! Sorry, I'm scatterbrained today