Sunday, March 11, 2007

How am I at fault?

How is one to know then they are supposed to defend someone or not? I just don't get it. Do you defend a friend when they aren't being talked about? How? Do you randomly bring them up in a conversation? Why? But what's irritating is that that person doesn't even care about the situation. I guess you have to know the situation to fully understand it. And I'm not going to rehash it because frankly I'm over it and have moved on. The past is in the past.

Those of you reading right now that know me, know that I am not a confrontational person. I avoid it at all costs. I avoid and ignore, if it directly involves me. I'll stew on it for awhile and get over it. That is how I deal with things. If I have that big of a problem with something, then (after some liquid courage) will I confront someone on something, but very rarely does that happen. So why would it be expected of me to automatically go outside my comfort area?

So for future, if you have something you want to take up with me and complain to me about myself please keep these points in mind:
1. Call, visit, or e-mail me. Do not try to converse with me regarding an issue via text messaging. I am not a fast texter, which ends up getting me more frustrated.
2. When you decide come to me about my faults (whatever they may be), don't forget you have your own. I'm most likely aware of them, and I may even have a problem with them. But (see above) I avoid and move on.
3. Remember that we are not the same person and handle things differently. I am a behind the scenes person while you may be a center stage, in your face person.
4. Do not choose that "special time of the month" to decided to yell at me for my errors in life. Let the hormonal period pass, then come to me.

That's all I got. Just had to get that out there and off my chest.

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