Sunday, June 3, 2007

Let the summer begin!

June resolution time

1. Actively seek God in my day to day life, worshiping Him and bring Him glory. Being like Jesus to people.

2. Continued control from nibbling at work. No pastries, desserts, and nibblings.

3. Again with the losing 5 pounds. Summer is here! Not only that, but I am in my best friend's wedding in October. My goal, which is totally obtainable, is to lose 20 pounds by then. Help hold me to it everyone!

4. Go somewhere out of the area. Don't know where yet...

5. Start planning a bachelorette party weekend for said bride of October wedding. Anyone have any ideas? Possibly having friends from across the country joining the party.

6. Have a good attitude with current job.

7. Quit rewarding myself with food. If I do something good or deserving or a reward (went on a walk, lost weight, made it through a day at work, etc.) I tend to treat myself to something with calories, and lots of them. Time to reward myself with something different. A pedicure, manicure, new shirt, or purse, or whatever.

8. Per my father's request and suggestion... Be more out going towards guys. As great as it would be to just sit back and wait for God, I've also got to not wait by the door. Time to get out there. Be out going. Flirt a little and enjoy myself.

9. Exercise.

10. Forgive for the wrongs I feel have been done towards me, and let go of the unknowns for why people are the way they are. Try not to dwell on everything that does not affect me.

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