Monday, June 25, 2007

What would you do?

Last week a position at work was opened up. I had first of all, no idea that the posting was up, but I also had no intention of signing the posting for that position. I knew that any day now a different position would become available. One that I'd much rather have.

Well, I was pressured into signing the posting last week for the Events Coordinator position, which I really don't want. I don't want the EC job for 2 reasons. And if you know my current work situation you'd understand. I don't want the job because:
1) there go my weekends
2) I'd still be working in the Visitor Center.
The posting for this job has closed, and interviews will be taking place later this week...

The position that was posted today is for the Quality Assurance Administrative Assistant. My best friend has known this was going to become available, so she's been talking me up to just about everyone in that department. I'd much rather transfer back there. I'm tired of the drama and politics of the department that I currently work in. This is definitely a step in the direction that I need to take. This position's posting opened today and closes on Wednesday. That's not the problem.

Do I withdrawal my name from the Events Coordinator applicants? Do I sign another posting? I don't want to look like I sign everything, but this is what I've been waiting for and I was pressured into signing the first one. How should I go about handling this situation???

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