Monday, September 17, 2007

House Update

Slowly little by little things are getting done. And I know I told you that I'd post pictures, and I will, I promise! So here's what we got done over the weekend:
-Load of cabinets and counters to the dump
-New front door installed!!!
-Cabinets in utility room knocked out (I did it all by myself)
-Spray painted the new layout on the floor (dad said he wanted to see it drawn out...)
-Windows are all in at Don's, now to just schedule them to come install
-Took a trip to Lowe's with family. Nothing was purchased, but one thing was accomplished. Dad said to just go ahead and schedule Lowe's to come measure for cabinets to have them install them. Got prices for bathroom stuff, now to just have a plan and purchase.
-Construction guy friend going to come tomorrow to look at things and tell us what he can do, what we can do, etc.

Tada! It was a busy weekend at the House. As an incentive (hopefully), I told him I would host appetizers and wine for Thanksgiving. So we'll see...

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