Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Ahead

So as I'm sitting here thinking about my weekend, I'm realizing that I've got quite a bit going on. Let me give you a quick snippet of what I KNOW I'm doing.
- I'm taking a trip to Lowe's to purchase bathroom stuff (toilet, tub, vanity w/ sick, etc.). Hopefull this will be happening tonight, but it depends on how dad is feeling after a routine procedure he's having done this morning. If not, tomorrow afternoon or Sunday will be the trip.
- Big giant huge fancy smancy wedding to attend tomorrow evening. We're talking 550 people sit down serve. The groom was a high school classmate, we went through the same confirmation class at church, went to the same college (where he took a few extra years to party), good family friends all around. I'm ready to party like a rock star. (I'll post pictures after the shindig)
- *crossing fingers* Taking a trip to IKEA to purchase couches Sunday.
- Working on house when I can.
- Finish the Oktoberfest invitation, get them to Kinko's to get copies made, finish the labels, and get them in the mail.
- Oh, and I just told HCC Catering (past employer) that I could help set up tomorrow morning for said giant wedding mentioned above. They are desparate for help. I can use some extra money. So why not?
- Church. Let's pray I can make it this Sunday. I've been a heathen lately. Bad me!

Wow, that's all I can think of for now. I'll enjoy the resting while I can get it. Like next weekend in Tahoe...

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