Friday, October 5, 2007

Adios Septembre

September's Resolutions Results...

1. Actively seek God in my day to day life, worshiping Him and bring Him glory. Being like Jesus to people. Hold me accountable, please.
I suck at this one. I need help. At least Bible Study started back up this past week.

2. Change my eatting habits. By doing this it'll be easier to losing weight. There are only 35 days until the wedding that I'm in. I know I can do this!
Ok, so I think I'm eating better as far as less calories. But now it's time to start focusing on eating proper low calorie foods. You know, that 5 servings of veggies a day.

3. Go somewhere at least an hour away from home - Tahoe here I come!
Woot Woot! That was one of the best darn weekends all summer. I know, you haven't seen pictures yet. Hummm...What happens in Tahoe stays in Tahoe...? I'll find some appropriate ones to post for you.

4. Quit rewarding myself with food. Time to reward myself with something different. A pedicure, manicure, new shirt, or purse, or whatever (and I'm making enough money to do that and not worry too much now!).
How about I didn't really reward myself with much of anything... I took the money saving route.

5. Exercise. Swim, walk, Bosu ball, anything! I found that Pilates makes me sore = working muscles that need to be worked. Time to do that more often.
I did pilates a number of times in September with Rylen. I didn't throw a hammer around as much as last month.

6. Have at least one major thing completed on the house. Attempt to have bathroom partially done.
So, we have windows. Did we have new windows last month? I can't remember. But now we do. Things are at a bit of financial stand still. Not from lack of funds, more of an appraisal stand point... More on that later.

7. Do something BOLD or DARING!
Ok, so I was *this* close to getting a little tattoo while in Tahoe...

8. Purchase couch for house.
Yea, never made it to IKEA. But the money is set aside in savings just for it.

9. Start tanning again. I can't be a white bridesmaid...
I'm well on my way of being a brown bug. No more whiteness.

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