Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Live it up Tahoe Style!

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to posting a blog about my Tahoe weekend, celebrating Rylen's last few weeks as a single woman. I can best tell you about my weekend with pictures :)
(*Disclaimer, it was the weekend of boobs for me...)

Friday most of us took the day off from work so we could get up there early, miss traffic and relax before our evening plans. After getting to the cabin and unloading the car we hopped online (yep, the cabin had wifi!) to search restaurants for our Friday night dinner.

We made our plans, cleaned up and dolled up, and decided to have a pre-going out drink.

And then 4 (out of the soon to be 6 of us) headed out to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and the start of drinks. We started it off with shots then a round of drinks for all!

After dinner, we made our way to the Piano Bar and we put on our dancing shoes and cut a big ol' rug. We sang, we danced, we drank. And then our 4 became 5 with the arrival of Kim from Colorado.

We made friends with the DJ, Al. He had a thing for me... :)

After a late night we headed back to the cabin and called it a night. Saturday morning Sarah arrived from Sacramento. We got dressed and ready and headed out to shop, have lunch, and get tattoos, well almost. Yes, that's right, I was *this* close to getting a tattoo, but the wait was too long and I didn't have a good picture of what I wanted. We then decided to go take pictures by the lake and then go back to the cabin so Rylen could open her presents and relax.

Rylen received some, um, toys to play with. As well as some stuff for Jim. We all snacked some, napped some, then cleaned up and dolled up for another night out on the Tahoe Strip. We headed to Cabo Wabo for dinner, tequila, and a free pitcher of margaritas!

Pretty much the rest of the night we were at the piano bar again. Again we danced, we drank, we sang along with the songs. Some had sugar poured out them by the bartender. We signed bachelor party boob shirts. We wore boas. We got feathers all over the place. We had a grand time! (and quite honestly, there are too many good pictures to choose from of all the dancing)

So now, with only 2 days before THE wedding, we're not going to be celebrating Rylen's singledom, but her marriage and their future. Here's to you Neen!

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