Friday, October 26, 2007

One down

Today was one of two memorial services for my Nana. Since she was a resident of Covenant Village, we had a small service for so her friends and nurses could attend. So I took an early lunch so I could go.

When I got there, just minutes before the service was to start, I was harassed by a little old lady (L.O.L.) for parking in a resident's spot. She said that I couldn't park there and had to go to the guest parking area. In all the times visiting my Nana, I'd never had to park in the guest parking. There were always spare spots open by her building. And of course, guest parking it on the opposite property of where I needed to be. I explained that I was in a hurry, my Nana's memorial service was starting and I was going to be late. She said, in a nasty uncompassionate way, well, you'll need to park over there (pointing), in guest parking. So fine, I'll move. Little did she know I just moved to another resident's spot in a different lot. And she proceeded to try to get the key to her car in the unlocker, with her nose inches from the door. Yes, she was going to drive away, barely able to see where to put the key to unlock the door. So that put me in a mood, and I cried throughout the service that I was late to. Thanks L.O.L.!

It was a very nice service. Dad talked about my Nana's life. Some shared stories of their time with Nana. The Chaplain read Psalm 23. And then I had to go back to work and finish the day.

Service #2 will be in December. Family will be invited, as well as our Hilmar family/community. No L.O.L.s will be telling me where to park at that service!

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