Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things that make you go Hummmmm...

Have you ever wondered what you've done wrong? In your life? With your family? Towards your friends? You may not know that you've done something wrong, but you just get the feeling. Maybe it's a gut feeling. Maybe it's observation of how others act towards you. Maybe it's because people just disappear from your life without an explaination. Maybe you just know without knowing. Hummmm....

I know I've done things wrong in my life. And those are consequences that I've dealt with or had to live with. But it's the wrongs that I don't know I do that make me wonder.

I, for the most part, do not do things wrong on purpose. There are the few times that I do. If I did, and I realized later that I had, I'll apologize. I'll fess up. I'll apologize even if someone took what I did, even if it's not wrong, the wrong way and they come to me about it. I just don't like it when people have ill feelings towards me. I'm too much of a people pleaser. But, if I don't know what I did and I'm not called on it, then I don't know about it, wrong or not. And quite frankly, I won't feel there is a reason to apologize.

So, if you're out there, and you feel I've wronged you but you won't come to me, then I'm sorry that you don't feel that you can't come to me about it. But, without know what I've done, I'm not sorry. I work things out with people. And I'll be honest. But until then, I don't know what to tell you.

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