Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good bye busy...

Time to recap on October's resolutions...

1. Continute to try to actively seek God in my day to day life, worshiping Him and bring Him glory. Being like Jesus to people.
2 words, I suck...

2. No point trying to lose 35 pounds in the next 8 days for the wedding. But I can work on losing weight for my own quality of life. So it's time to change my eating habits by eating the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies every day. Baby steps...
Well, the wedding happened. Oktoberfest happened. Gaining weight happened. Looking back on the pictures now, blah, I'm pudgy! I don't like being pudgy! And I don't want to be pudgy anymore!

3. Go somewhere at least an hour away from home! Possibly camping at the best place to camp at the end of the month.
Went no where. Had no time to go anywhere.

4. Find someone that can refinish furniture. I have a dining room set (table, chairs, and hutch) that all need to be refinished to remove scratches and stained a darker color. I'd do it myself, but there are too many curves to deal with, plus I don't have somewhere covered to do it right now.
I found a place in Turlock that refinishes furniture. Now I just need to call them and price it out.

5. Exercise - walk, Bosu ball, jump rope...
Pilates anyone? I know I need to do something cardio also though. Time to start running with the dogs.

6. Have at least one major thing completed on the house. To have all base boards sanded and walls cleaned (for now).
One room has been sanded - base boards, door frams and window frames. 4 rooms to go, at least they are small. Peeled more wall paper in the master bedroom. Just waiting for the house to be appraised (Friday 11/2) before proceeding with big things. Until then, the house needs to look like poop so it's appraised at a lower value.

7. Do something BOLD or DARING! Hummmm....I have some ideas.... Probably not the wisest or cleanest thoughts... Muahahaha...
Had thoughts, and still do. Need to make a phone call first...

8. Make it to IKEA to purchase couch and entertainment unit for house.
No free weekend to go in October, but I'm going Saturday. Yeehaw!

9. Have the best darn Oktoberfest yet!
Yea, it was pretty good...!

10. Dance my little heart out at Rylen and Jim's wedding!
I danced, I drank, and I was merry! Definitely one of the best weddings I've been to or in ever!

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