Sunday, November 18, 2007

A look in the mirror

Today's sermon at church was a bit convicting, eye-opening, and slightly hurtful. As a fill-in for Pastor Ken, Mike Iltis spoke about honor and respect in relationships. Many Bible verses were presented that show that even God wants us to honor those around us. But, how can I honor those around me when I, myself, don't feel worthy of honor? When I don't feel that no one holds respect towards me? Yes, I know that regardless I should always do as God commands, but it's hard. Especially when I don't feel honored.

I just am having a hard time respecting myself right now. Not because of things I'm doing, but for things that I'm not doing.

So please, if you appreciate me, respect me, honor me in any way. Please let me know in some way. I just want to know that I am worthy of honor and respect, and not feel like a bum.

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