Sunday, November 18, 2007


I love Kodak cameras. I don't love Kodak's call center customer service people. First off, can I say I hate out-sourcing. Why does some person in India need to try to have an American accent with their faux American name, just so when someone from America calls the 800 number they think they are talking to someone in their own country, but clearly by the bad American/Indian accent they are not? Come on corporations, why not keep the jobs in the USA, keep our own employed! So, after talking to someone a few weeks ago and being told that they would ship me the piece I need to make the camera charge (because I apparently had a bad part), I was shipped the wrong f*ing thing. I blame the language barrier. So, I called Kodak once again, pissed off this time and ready to tell them how I feel. And I did. I was stern (yeah me) and of course the poor bad-accent sap apologized profusely. He did offer to have me send it back so they can repair it. Oh heck no, I had the camera in my possession for one week, it's going to be replaced with a brand new camera. Crimeney! So, after verifying that I haven't owned the camera for more than 30 days they agreed to send me a new camera. So one person took my information down and then transferred me to the sales number. I asked the new guy (finally an American!) if I would get the new camera before Thanksgiving, which I knew was not likely, but I had to try to demand it. The only way to get it before this coming week would be, and I can't believe the guys suggested it, to return camera and reorder it. Sounds great in theory, but I got the camera at a huge discount. So not only would I be paying more for a camera that I originally bought because of the deal, I'd also be paying the overnight shipping. Um, no. So, the original camera was picked up last week to be returned and have a new one sent back. Let's see how long this takes...

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