Monday, November 26, 2007

So busy...

Man have I been busy. I moved offices. In my old office I was able to hop online and check my e-mail or blog regularly. Not so now. Maybe soon again though. With the move I lost 2 working days. Last week, being a short week, I worked extra to try to get caught up. And I'm almost there! Aside from work, last week was full of Thanksgiving prepping, shopping, cleaning, baking, etc. Now that the turkey is down to the bone and the stuffing is all gone, it's time get the house quickly decorated for Christmas before another big weekend comes.

Saturday is Nana's memorial service. It'll be small, about 35 family members coming from all over the western states. Everyone will end up back here at the house for social time and food. Hopefully decisions will be made about the house, my aunt and uncle will just go along with Dad's ideas and no major hold ups.

Then on the 6th I'll be flying to New York for a quick trip. Yeah! I'll report more on that when I get back.

Ok, so there was a quick update on my going ons since I haven't blogged in awhile.

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