Monday, December 3, 2007

Almost over

Time for the November recap.

November's resolutions were...

1. Focus on getting into the Word on a regular basis.
Thought about it, but it didn't happen. I'm a bad Christian!

2. Work on losing weight for my own quality of life. I have to change my eating habits by eating heathly foods and being active.
Tried, but I'm a bad dieter. Control is hard, especially self control.

3. Go somewhere.
I went to IKEA... yea, that doesn't totally count.

4. Exercise - walk, Bosu ball, pilates...
Boo exercise. If I didn't get the control with the food, yea, I didn't get the control with the exercising too.

5. Start major renovations on the house once it's appraised.
Major renovations won't start until the first of the year. More on the progress there later...

6. Do something BOLD or DARING! Let me know if you're daring to join me...
I was told that I'd be kicked out of the house if I did what I want to do. So I'll wait until I move out :)

7. Purchase couch and entertainment unit for house, research closet storage units.
Couch, check. Over-sized armchair, check.

8. Not over indulge at Thanksgiving. Eat health until I feel satisfied, not stuffed.
So I put 1/2 greens/veggies on my plate, but I only ate 1/2 of that, plus all the good stuff(ing).

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