Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The "IT" Party

Every year a guy in town, who is a couple years older than me, hold an annual party. This party is the "IT" party of all of the locals, and if you're somebody then you're invited. Think of elite shindigs that happen in places like say New York City. Invites are highly coveted. But how does one get put on the list? Funny how, you grow up with these people going to the same school, church, even college and you're still not considered to receive an invitation. Oh, but someone that moves into town from another state and fits the age range, job title, or works for someone of significance gets an invite. Well, this party is coming up in a couple weeks, and as you can tell, I did not get an invitation to the "Masquerade Ball".

Good think I wasn't holding the date open!

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